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Ward 4: Palkhu

500-b Map of Takukot

416 Ward 3, border with Ward 4: Dadathok to Palkhu

621 This is Palkhu (Ward 4). The picture was taken from the uphill way to Maikot (Ward 1).

623 This is Palkhu (Ward 4), The picture was taken from Mohoriya (Ward 7) during the rainy season.
Please confirm: Mohoriya is higher than Palkhu? xxx

618 Bhimsen Mandir in Palkhu (Ward 4) - Bhimsen is widely worshipped in Nepal as the god of merchants (like Lakshmi Devi in India).

Bhimsen is also a popular name in Nepal. Bhimsen Tower, one of the landmarks in Kathmandu, was built by Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa in 1832. Bhimsen Joshi (1922-2011), who died recently, was a famous classical Indian singer. Bhimsen seems to be identical with Bhima, the hero of the Mahabharata, and sometimes Bhima is addressed as 'Bhimsen'.

In the name Bhim-sen, 'sen' means
xxx. (Details to follow).

624 This is in Palkhu (Ward 4), The round building in the shade is a "Tauwa", a silo in which rice straw is kept. cf Oast Houses in Kent.

420 Shree Surya Jyoti Secondary School, Ward 4, Palkhu.
Background left: Ward 7, Mohoriya
Background right: Ward 3 , Dadathok


627 Palkhu (Ward 4) ascent to Surya Jyoti School

628 Palkhu, Surya Jyoti School (centre right)

628 Palkhu, Surya Jyoti School (centre right)

629 Corniche. It looks like the road which the bus from Kathmandu takes above the dry river bed, just before reaching Balu Suara. Where does this road come from? It leads to Palkhu. Surya Jyoti School is centre left.

614 View from the Takukot Health Post in Palkhu (Ward 4). A political slogan was painted on the electricity pole during the Nepalese Civil War (1996-2006).