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Ward 4: Palkhu

500-b Map of Takukot

421 This picture was taken from Rajendra's house in Palkhu (Ward 4), The track leads to Wards 1, 2, 3 and 7.

422 Palkhu

615 This picture was taken from Palkhu (Ward 4). The track leads to Dadathok (Ward 3) and Bhaledunga (Ward 2) The two peaks at the horizon are Rupakot (left) and Sulikot (right).

'kot', which occurs in many geographical names of the region, means 'seat of government' (as of ancient kings, or the Holy See of the Pope in Rome), 'home, residence' (as pf a gpd, e.g. in Maikot, home of Mai Devi) or 'place'.

'rupa' (Sanskrit) means form, or beauty, e.g. in the appearance of a god.

'suli' = ???

625 This is a private house (ghar) in Palkhu (Ward 4). Judging by it size it must belong to a large and well-off family.

Years ago, as a back-packer, kb slept on a veranda like this in a small town in the Indian part of the Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh). He had been directed to go there to sleep and, like dozens of other homeless people or poor village travellers, just spread out his bed-roll on the first-floor veranda and went to sleep. Nobody asked any questions, nobody asked for money. kb still does not know whether the house was a public institution, a publicly owned doss-house for the poor, or something provided by a philanthropic individual, or who lived inside that house. But ever since then, this kind of structure and gallery reminds him of a hostelry.

Are there one or several shops on the ground floor? It looks like it.

631 This is the main street of Palkhu (Ward 4).
What is the name of the mountain in the background? In which direction are we looking: N E S W?
What are the three square stones in the middle of the road, piled up like a monument? Is there water coming out at the other side? What is this sort of thing called in Nepali?

Is therer a mandir on the left?
What is its name? Which gods are worshiped there? Which murtis are inside?
How is temple worship organised? Is there arti twice a day? What else?
Does the priest do any teaching? E.g. Sanskrit?

Razzan, I want to meet some people from Ward 7 and 8. Do you know any of them on FB?

632 This is a beautiful picture. Who are the people? you and a friend? Can I give the names? Please give me names in full.

In which ward are we? Where are the houses of that village, higher up or lower down?
Where are the people in the backgrouond going, and where do they come from? Who are they? Locals or tourists?

Atithi Hostel

610 Palkhu (Ward 4) The two houses on the left belong to the family of Razzan Shrestha. One of them is a hostel, called 'Atithi Hotel and Lodge' (atithi = guest), where local and organic food is served. The big leaf on the left is from a banana plant, and the branch coming into view from the right is a xxx tree (name to follow). Go there if you want the most transquil holiday of your life, in beautiful surroundings and pure air.

833 Atithi Hotel and Lodge, Palkhu,
Takukot Ward 4, Gorkha District

426 Palkhu from above

"Athiti Hotel and Lodge"
Proprietor: Krishna Man Shrestha; tel: 9813769632

Representative in Kathmandu:
Sajan Shrestha;
tel: 00-977 -1-985 113 394 2

The dialling code for Nepal is: 977

How to get there: see maps and route description

Enjoy the Eco-holiday of a life-time

425 Mount Manaaslu (Kutang) at sunset taken from Palkhu (Ward 4). The name means 'Mountain of the Spirit', from Sanskrit 'manasa' (mind, spirit, soul).

613 View from Palkhu (Ward 4) towards Gorkha (south-west of Takukot)