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Please send us news of what is happening in Takukot, anything that you think is exciting and interesting: festivals, marriages, important visitors coming to Takukot, shows put on by the schools, anything that makes Takukot happy or sad, etc etc. We are especially keen on good news.

Tell us about future events and past events. Send good photographs if possible.

If you send your story in Nepali, we will try to find someone to translate it into English so that the world can participate in your events. If you write in English, an English journalist will edit your text and make sure that your English is perfect.

Please send your contributions to The News Editor:

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A library for Takukot

Takukot will soon have a public library, open to all inhabitants of Takukot VDC. Rajendra Shrestha and his friends (please send more names) are trying to obtain books. They will be in Nepali and English.

The Nepali books will deal with business, practical books on agriculture and horticulture and raising animals, and Nepali fiction (novels), and anything that may be useful or entertaining in the village. English books on gardening (etc as above) will also be useful because they inable the children to practises their English in topics with which they are, or will be, familiar.

The English books will be mainly fiction (novels). Their purpose is to enable readers to practise and improve their English and be entertained by thrilling stories at the same time.

English books will probably be sent by supporters from English-speaking countries.Anyone who wants to send books from abroad, please email the Webmaster or Rajendra Shrestha (dear.rajendra(at) first. Second-hand books will be gratefully accepted. Also books used by English-speaking children to learn and practise reading.

Anyone wishing to donate Nepali books, also please get in touch with Rajendra.

Need for laptops and cassette recorders

Readers from abroad please note: Schools in Takukot need laptops and cassette recorders, and blank and pre-recorded cassettes. If you can send any, please get in touch with the Webmaster to obtain shipment address.


Saraswati Puja (2012-01-28)

On Saturday 28 Jan 2012 AD, we will celebrate Saraswati Puja (also known as Basant Panchami or Vasant Panchami), in honour of Saraswati, goddess of art, science and learning. This is important not only for all scholars and artists, but also for all schools in Nepal. The children will sing and dance for the Goddess.

On this day the younger children will start learning to write and pronounce the first letter of the alphabet ... If you want to learn Nepali, this is a good day to start. (Get the 'Nepali Phrasebook and Language Guide' by Mary-Jo O'Rourke and Bimal Shrestha, published by Lonely Planet.)

Click on the picture to make it larger. Saraswati holds a vina (lute), a mala (rosary) for prayer and meditation and a book (symbol of literature and learning).

In India, Saraswati Devi is particularly loved by the people of Bengal, who are so fond of music and poetry.

The children of Maikot School are planning to write a letter or report in English about this year's Saraswati Puja and what they know about Saraswati Devi herself. This will then be published on this website.

Suraj Paneru from Palkhu has obtained an M.Sc. degree from a University in Scotland

January 2012 - The story of Suraj Paneru from Palkhu (Ward 4). After many years of study, he has just obtained the degree of MSc. (Master of Science) from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. Click on the link to read his exciting story.