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Please send us names and addresses and phone numbers of clubs and voluntary associations in every Ward. Say what you do for your members. Send a picture of your activities. Send information of future and past events for our newspage. Write to: webmaster (at) takukot-village-nepal.org

Ward 1: Maikot

Deep Shikha Youth Club deep = light
shikha = ?
Takukot Ekata Samaj (Society of Unity in Takukot)  


Ward 2: Bhaledhunga



Ward 3: Dadathok (= Takukot ? )



Ward 4: Palkhu

Jana Maitri Youwa Samaj:
Adhakchhay ???

President: Gyanendra Shrestha

Jana Maitri Youth Club
jana = ? knowledge? birth?
maitri = ? (loving kindness; in Buddhist doctrine)
Jan Hit Maihila Samuha (Club for girls and women)
President: Dil Kumari Shrestha
Vice President Sabitri Devi Shrestha (Rajan Shrestha's mother)
jan = ?
hit = ?
maihila = ?
Nangedanda Community Forest Please send more information about this project.
danda = stick, ?
nange = ?
Takukot Community Library
Person in charge: ???
Library proposal
Hundi Khola Micro Hydro Project  


Ward 5: Bhanjang

Tarphakha Community Forest
President: Keshari Baram
Jan Shakti Youth Club  


Ward 6: Bhahakot



Ward 7: Mohoriya

Maikot Saving and Credit Cooperative Organisation
The President is a woman. This organisation serves the whole of Takukot.
Name of president please.


Ward 8: Dandagau



Ward 9: Bhaluswara








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