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Ward 4: Palkhu

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500-b Map of Takukot
Takukot Community Library - self-financed
Rajendra Shrestha and his friends have started a lending library, which is located in Palkhu (Ward 4) and serves all wards of Takukot. The story of how the library was created is being written by Rajendra right now and will be published here shortly. So watch this space. ???
Topics to be covered: xxx
How it all started. Who were the first people involved? How did you get mone? Books? Why did you want a library? Books on what subjects? Who looks after the books, issues them, gets them back (libarian)? How is he/she paid? How many books do you have now? How many readers? Is it absolutely free? How do you keep track on inventory?

Opening hours?

What kind of people use the library (age, sex, jobs, professions)? Who does not use the library but, in your opinion, should use it?

What are your plans for the next 3 years?

Topics to be covered: xxx

What help, if any, do you need in improving the library?

List all the subjects covered.

What kind of English books would you want? Which subjects in English?

In English, what is more important, books for adults or for children? For very young English children? (ages 5 to 7?)

608 607
606 605
The walls of the library, other than those needed for book shelves, are covered with posters, carefully written by hand in large letters. They contain useful information for readers, e.g. on practical issues, but also teach morality and good conduct. We hope to get some translations of these soon; starting with a list of topics in English.
604 603
609 This is the present Prime Minister of Nepal (2012-02-02). He is from Gorkha District, even though not from Takukot itself.

What is his name?

Jhala Nath Khanal


Madhav Kumar Nepal

It is evident that in the not too distant future one of the hard-working students of Takukot will also become Minister, and perhaps even Prime Minister. We will celebrate it with fireworks on this website.




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