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0437 Senior student teaching juniors in Class xx, age xx; subject: xx 0446 Class xx, age xx, subject xx
0447 English lesson in Class xx, age xx 0448 English lesson in Class xx, age xx : Describing location: The ball is BETWEEN the trees.
The English alphabet chart is on the right of the blackboard. Nepalese letters are quite different, and it is as difficult for the students to learn the English letters as it is for English people to learn the Nepali letters. The Nepali alphabet is called the "Devanagari Alphabet". It is also used for Sanskrit, Hindi and other languages.
See the Devanagari alphabet on the left. Click on the image to make it nice and large.
0449 Class xx, age xx, subject xx 0450 Class xx, age xx, subject xx
0440 Volley ball in playground 0441 Volley ball in playground


In the village square of Ward 1 outside the Mai Bhagavati Temple (temple of Goddess Mai: The Mother) the students of Maikot School perform a traditional Nepalise dance in front of the assembled village. "kot" means "home". "Maikot" therefore means "the home of Goddess Mai". She represents the female principle of the Divine. Their dance is called the "Magar Dance".
Mr D: What was the date and occasion for this performance? What else happened? Which festival?  



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