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Temples and Churches in Takukot

Please send names of all temples (and churches, if any). Say in which Ward they are located and which murtis / devatas are worshipped in each. Send pictures from outside (and inside, if permitted). Make the photographs very large so that details can easily be seen.

The three main religions in Takukot are:

  • Hindu 85.5%
  • Buddhist 14.5%
  • Christian 1.5%

They live together peacefully and support each other.

(Source: Rajan Shrestha)

Ward 1: Maikot - 1 temple

Mai Bhagavati Mandir and Bhimsen Sthan  
picture to come soon Mai Bhagavati Temple (temple of Goddess Mai: The Mother). In the name Maikot, "kot" means "home". "Maikot" therefore means "the home of Goddess Mai". She represents the female principle of the Divine.

Mai Bhagawati and Bhimsen Sthan (mandir)

sthan = mandir?

Ward 2: Bhaledunga: 1 mandir

Bhale Dhunga Mandir  

dhunga = stone
bhale = ?
Please tell me more about Bhale Dhunga.

Ward 3: Dadathok: 2 mandirs

Jaldevi Mandir Jaldevi = Goddess of water (like Ganga Devi)
jal = water
devi = goddess
Champawoti Mandir Please tell me about Champawoti.
Does have anything to do with Nag-champa (flower and scent of agarbati?)

Ward 4: Palkhu: 2 mandirs

Bhimsen Mandir  
Tulsa Maata Mandir This refers to the Holy Plant Tulsiji?

Are these two mandirs, or one mandir dedicated to both Bhimsen and to Tulsiji?

Ward 5: Bhanjang

Bhawani and Ganesh Mandir

Are these one mandir or two mandirs?



Ward 6: Bhahakot: 2 mandirs

Narayanthan Mandir Narayanthan =
Narayan: a name of Lord Vishnu
than =
  nthan = nathan ?
Akala Mandir Akala = a goddess (related to Kali Devi?)
Please tell me more about her.




Ward 7: Mohoriya : no mandir



Ward 8: Dandagaon: no mandir



Ward 9: Bhalu Swara

Shiva Mandir  

In November a large festival (mela) called "Kartik Ekadasi" takes place there.

Ekadashi is the 11th day of each half of the lunar month.

Kartikeya is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi.