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Success Stories from Takukot

People from Takukot are tough. They work so hard. Some are successful and stay in their village, e.g. as shop keepers, teachers and head teachers to help other Takukotians. They are the greatest and most important people in Takukot. Others leave the village and get good jobs in Kathmandu or start a business there. Others go to other parts of Nepal, or even further away, to India, to Australia, to Europe or America.

On this page they will tell the children and students of Takukot about their early life in the village, about the obstacles they had to overcome, about the problems they had and how they solved them and how eventually they had the success they have now.

These stories will be an inspiration to all the children and students in Takukot, encourage them to work hard and give them a chance to practise their English.

All these stories will be edited by a professional English journalist. So their English will be perfect and students of English can learn good English from them.

If you live in Takukot or are from Takukot, please send us your story so that we can publish it here.

Suraj Paneru - Takukot - Aberdeen (Scotland)

January 2012 - The story of Suraj Paneru from Palkhu (Ward 4). After many years of study, he has just obtained the degree of MSc. (Master of Science) from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. Read more